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The xPress package is the ERP software solution tailored to the manufacturing industry. With the modular software, workflows can be mapped and controlled software-based across the operational value-added process. Interfaces to Microsoft Office®, CAD/CAM systems and financial accounting software make xPress a particularly flexible tool.

With the Sales (commercial solution), Time (time recording) and Tech (technical order processing) modules, the software solution covers all operational sub-areas - from administration and sales to production planning and control.



As a CAM software solution, the xCam package supplies tailor-made machine data for your machinery. Individual milling programs are quickly and easily generated from 2D CAD data, and complex machining routines are generated automatically from 3D CAD raw data. In production, processing orders can be perfectly covered on several machines and production lines, also in connection with nesting systems. And best of all: thanks to the adaptable post-processor concept, xCam offers maximum flexibility with the least amount of effort when it comes to adapting special machines. CAM with brains, so to speak.



The xWork packageis the machine-independent production control system for efficient production control and monitoring. It offers the possibility to keep an eye on the entire production process and the sequence of the individual production steps and to control them safely.

In contrast to other systems, this flexible production control system is characterized, among other things, by the direct integration into the surface of the ERP system. Data feedback to parts, position, project and project groups is thus direct and immediate. This information is quickly and easily visible to the user. With xWork, all external data sources can be processed using one and the same internal process - clearly and efficiently. [ 5 / 4707 / 200414]

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